Earth and Space Exploration

Name three factors that help determine the strength of shaking during an earthquake.

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BOOK:Natural Hazards and Disasters 5th by Hyndman…
Critical thinking requires an objective analysis and evaluation of the content in order to form a judgment. You should not summarize – you should think and respond critically. In this respect, you may use examples from the everyday life or taken from sources other than the textbook (as long as you properly cite them).
Chapter 1
What responsibility does the government have to ensure that its citizens are safe from natural hazards? Conversely, what freedom should individuals have to choose where they want to live?
Chapter 2
Explain the role of Earth’s material densities with respect to Earth’s features such as mountains and mid-oceanic ridges. For example, why is the top of basaltic crust below sea level while the surface of granitic crust is generally above sea level?
Chapter 3
Name three factors that help determine the strength of shaking during an earthquake. What combination of factors would produce the most intense shaking?
Chapter 5
Because both permanent residents and visitors occupy such hazardous areas and thousands of people from inland cities visit the same coastal areas, who should pay for the costs of mitigation or removal?
Chapter 6
Compare the nature of eruption forecasts and associated response activities to those for earthquakes. How are they different and why?
Chapter 8
Landslides often occur on gentle slopes on the flanks of valleys away from mountainous terrains. What are the main factors that contribute to such landslides and what can be done to prevent or stop such movement?
Chapter 10
Drought is often thought of as a weather phenomenon, over which we have no control. In what ways do humans sometimes contribute to the development of drought in a region?
Chapter 11&12
Some skeptics argue that increases in atmospheric greenhouse gases are natural rather than human caused. What evidence would you provide to show that these increases are a result of human activities?
Some people advocate conservation of energy by better insulating houses, using less heat and air conditioning, and turning off lights and electric devices when not in use. How important is this and how likely are people to go along with such conservation measures?
Chapter 14
People should not build homes on floodplains because of the danger of flooding. What are better uses for floodplains?
Chapter 16
How is climate change expected to affect hurricane damage? How should this play a role in the discussion of costs to reduce carbon emissions?