Homework 11 1. A professional football team is preparing its budget for the next

Homework 11
1. A professional football team is preparing its budget for the next year. One component of the budget is the revenue that they can expect from ticket sales. The home venue, Dylan Stadium, has five different seating zones with different prices. Key information is provided. The demands are all assumed to be normally distributed. Determine the distribution of total revenue under these assumptions using 50 trials. What the min, mean, max and standard deviation of the total ticket revenue?
2. Suppose that a small candy store makes Valentine’s Day gift boxes that cost $14.00 and sell for $21.00. In the past, at least 40 boxes have been sold by Valentine’s Day, but the actual amount is uncertain, and the owner has often run short or made too many. After the holiday, any unsold boxes are discounted 50% and are eventually sold. Set up and run a Monte Carlo simulation assuming that demand is triangular with minimum value=40, maximum value=50, and most likely value=47. Find the distribution of profit for order quantities between 40 and 50 to identify the best order quantity. Use 20 simulation trials.
3. Analyze the simulation model, with 50 trials, for Koehler Vision Associates (KVA) with the following assumptions. Assume that the no show rate is uniform, between 10% and 20% of prospective patients fail to show up or cancel their exam at the last minute. A $250 charge is applied as a deposit for the actual procedure. Patients that do not show up are refunded the charged fee less a $25 processing fee. KVA can handle 125 patients per week and is considering overbooking its appointments to reduce the lost revenue associated with cancellations. However, any patient that is overbooked may spread unfavorable comments about the company; thus, the overbooking cost is estimated to be $125. Determine the averages for the net profit (revenue less overbooking costs) and number overbooked for taking appointments between 130 and 150 patients in increments of 2. What would you recommend?

Business Watch Dan Pink’s T

Watch Dan Pink’s Ted Talk: “The Puzzle of Motivation” and give your opinion about his theory and what employees are expecting nowadays from their work/companies.
Link your analysis and opinion with some employee benefits trends (2022/2021/2020).
Add at least two references to substantiate your opinion (APA style).


A 7-10-page APA paper must be submitted which includes the sections below. Use t

A 7-10-page APA paper must be submitted which includes the sections below. Use the bullet
points below as an outline for the paper with each main bullet point as a Level 1 Header. Do not
include the wording in the parentheses.
 Introduction (Introduce your paper. Tell me what I am about to read)
 Prototype (This is a thorough description of your final prototype. But see below)
a. Construction (Tell me about the build process)
b. Description (Give me a general description of the glider)
 Flight Test Method (Give me a complete description of how you tested and modified your glider
to achieve the longest flight.)
 Results (Report the results of the flight testing. A table showing glide distances is a good
addition. Be sure to report average distance, average glide ratio (you may need to research what
this is), the longest and shortest flights)
 Discussion (Discuss the entire project. What did you learn? What worked and what did not
 Description of Fuselage (Give me a thorough description of the fuselage of your glider)
 Description of Wing (airfoil shape, planform shape, b, c , AR, mounting location and AOI)
 Description of Empennage (Give me a thorough description of the empennage of your glider)
 The last section must include a figure, the Three-View Drawing. This should include a top, side,
and front view of the glider. Dimensions must be included on the image. All three views should
be on one page of the paper.
This second assignment is meant to record the construction and flight testing of your glider
and to describe your final prototype design for the competition. This paper, like the first, is to be
APA formatted (to include a Title Page). As before, no abstract is necessary. No reference page
is necessary since you are doing hands-on research for this assignment.
Your goal during flight testing is to maximize the range of your glider through systematic
modifications and trial and error. Try and get the glider to glide as far as possible. This
includes recording measurements of glide distance and calculations of glide ratio. The results
section should include quantitative data such as number of flights, average glide distance and
average glide ratio. The discussion section should include your thoughts on the flight-testing
process: problems encountered, your assessment of the problem, corrective actions taken, and
projection of your gliders distance when thrown from a height of 19 feet, based upon your
average glide ratio.
Then, you will describe your competition glider in writing and show images representing
your glider. The Three-View Drawing can be created in a CAD program (if you have access to
and know how to use one), Microsoft Paint, Microsoft Word (Draw Tools), or by hand (very
neatly using a straight edge on graph paper). The drawing should take up no more than one page
of the paper.
As before, this paper is to be submitted into a D2L Dropbox by the stated deadline. PAPER
Glider Competition


For this assignment, you are to evaluate the challenges of use of project manage

For this assignment, you are to evaluate the challenges of use of project management tools within a particular project-based organization. You will create an outline of an integrated project plan to submit as an Appendix at the end of your paper.
Refer to “Teradyne Corporation: The Jaguar Project” case (I attached it below)
In a 2,000-2,250-word paper, analyze the case from a project management perspective by responding to the following questions below. Be sure to formulate your responses based the project management concepts you have learned from experience and on the content thus far in the course:
Provide a brief introduction (short paragraph) outlining your paper. Do not summarize the case.
Prior to implementation of the new strategy and structure at Teradyne, what specific product development challenges existed?
Referring to the issues facing the software development team (see third paragraph from the bottom on page 9 on the case), how would you as a project manager address the situation?
Create an integrated project plan outline as an appendix to your paper. Address ideas that would have prevented the situation in the case.
Referring to “Reflections on the Project,” provide three key challenges moving forward for the organization and how you, as project manager, would attempt to address them.
Provide a brief conclusion (short paragraph) summarizing your paper.
Provide a references list and cite each reference at least once in your paper. Provide at least six citations, excluding the citations listed in this assignment (no Wikipedia citations allowed).
Discussion of the specific product development challenges existing before implementation of the new strategy is clearly present and insightful. Six scholarly sources support your response.
Discussion of the plan to address the given situation along with an integrated project plan outline is clearly present and insightful.
Discussion of three key challenges and how you would address them is clearly presented. Discussion is perceptive.
Thesis and/or main claim are comprehensive. The essence of the paper is contained within the thesis. Thesis statement makes the purpose of the paper clear.
Clear and convincing argument that presents a persuasive claim in a distinctive and compelling manner. All sources are authoritative.


In this written assignment, select one cultural factor such as health beliefs, l

In this written assignment, select one cultural factor such as health beliefs, language, perception of time, environment control, etc. (see textbook reading) and apply it to a selected ethnic group. The paper will include the following:
One impact on medication preparation. Explain.
Two impacts on medication administration. Explain.
Two potential adverse reactions. Explain with rationale.
One possible issue in adherence to medication regimen. Explain how this can be overcome.
The paper should be no more than 3 pages. Use APA Editorial Format for all citations and references used.


ICW Part 1 – EMAILS Prepare an email response (including headers) to the followi

Prepare an email response (including headers) to the following emails. Assume you are a CPA working for a local public accounting firm called Allen, West and Dove, LLP. Your firm provides tax and accounting services including audit, reviews and compilations. There are three partners and a professional staff of sixteen. Financial statement reviews typically cost from $6,000 to $18,000. Individual income tax return preparation typically ranges from $1,500 to $3,500 while business returns range from $2,500 to $12,000. Request for information about your CPA practice. Note: Andy Walters is an existing, long-time client.
From: William Davis
Sent: Monday, March 19, 20XX 8:27 AM
Subject: CPA Services
Andy Walters gave me your name. I have a small computer service consulting business and am looking for a CPA firm that can help with accounting and tax issues. My company is an LLC and I have two partners. We have four employees. Our bank requires a financial statement review each year. We need the review and our business tax return completed by April 15th. We would also want the three partner’s individual tax returns prepared by your firm.
If you are interested in working with us can you give me some information about your firm? Can you meet the April 15th deadline? Can you provide a fee estimate?
I look forward to hearing from you.
William Davis
Computer Technologies LLC
Request for technical information from a client of your firm:
From: Angela Boyd
Sent: Tuesday, March 19, 20XX 9:10 AM
Subject: Question
Hi . Hope you are doing well. We purchased a commercial rental building last year and our tenant paid six months’ rent in advance in November of last year. The rent covered November and December of last year and the first four months of 20XX. I appreciated getting the cash up front but now that I have had time to think about it, will this cause a tax problem for us? How do we treat this prepaid rent for tax purposes?
You are the controller for a mid-range manufacturing firm located in San Diego. The annual audit has been nearly completed and you want to schedule a meeting with the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors, the audit partner, and the executive management team to discuss issues that arose during the audit and to receive final “sign-off” on management’s assertions and the audit opinion. This must be completed before the audit opinion can be released. Prepare an email inviting the parties to this meeting.
Important info: Today is March 21, 20XX
Members of the Audit Committee: Richard Baxter and Penny Arthur
Executive Management: CEO Patty Byers, CFO Emma Besler
Audit Partner: Mary Epstein
The deadline for the audit opinion is May 15, 20XX
There were some contentious issues that arose during this year’s audit
The suitable conference room in your office building is the “Walter Allen Conference Room”
You should create any other necessary details on your own and they should be reasonable
Part 1 requirement: Write responses to each of the three emails in Word. These will be combined with your submission for Part 2 into a single document (see below).
ICW Part 2 – IRS Response Letter
Important Note: Please use the accompanying IRS Tax Notice (located In the ICW #6 Module) as the notice to which you will write your response letter.
You are a staff accountant for a local CPA firm, Meyers and Meyers, LLP. One of your clients,
Paula Evans contacted you in February of 2022 about a new partnership she formed with four
others. The partnership, Wildwood Acres Partnership, was started in the middle of 2020 and
reports on a calendar year basis (the tax year ends on December 31). Unfortunately, this was
a little late since the 2014 partnership return was due on April 15, 2021.
Paula provided the information and your office promptly prepared the return in late February,
2022. The transmittal letter to Paula included a paragraph warning her that the IRS would
probably assess penalties for late filing. Penalties for partnerships that file late are $195 per
partner, per month (or any part thereof).
On March 29, 2022, Paula called and said she received a late filing penalty notice assessing
$10,725. She faxed the notice to you for review. Based on your review, the assessed amount is
Facts regarding the partnership:
1. All five partners are individuals and US citizens.
2. All five partners timely filed their 2020 individual income tax returns in September 2021
and included their share of partnership taxable income.
3. All five partners are equal owners of the partnership
Paula wants you to respond to the IRS notice and request relief from the penalty.
Part 2 requirement: Prepare a response letter to the IRS requesting abatement of the penalties based
on Rev. Proc. 84-35. Be sure and reference any attachments you would include with the
response letter, even though you won’t be submitting the attachments on Turnitin.
Important: Combine the three email responses from Part 1 with your response letter from Part 2 Into a single document (Word or pdf) and submit via Turnitin. Your document should include each email response on a separate page (page 1 – response 1, page 2 – response 2, etc., followed by your IRS response letter on a separate page(s).


Análisis de poema Objetivo de la actividad Plasmar lo aprendido en una tarea de

Análisis de poema
Objetivo de la actividad
Plasmar lo aprendido en una tarea de análisis de un poema.
Para complementar esta tarea y reforzar los conocimientos adquiridos, lee y practica con el siguiente documento:
Bosquejo de Análisis para poemas.pdfDownload Bosquejo de Análisis para poemas.pdf
Luego de haber leído el poema En la brecha, de José de Diego, realiza el siguiente análisis.
Tema: ____________________________________________________
(Escribe el tema del poema; El título del poema NO es el tema).
Luego de haber leído el poema En la brecha, de José de Diego, realiza el siguiente análisis.
Tema: ____________________________________________________
(Escribe el tema del poema; El título del poema NO es el tema).
Explica y comenta la idea central del poema y su relación con los recursos poéticos (metáforas, entre otros) que utiliza el autor.
La actividad es de carácter individual. El trabajo debe ser entregado a tiempo, sin errores ortográficos ni gramaticales. Los trabajos serán sometidos a la herramienta para detectar similitud de contenidos (ahora Urkund). Entregar las respuestas en un documento de Word, letra Times New Roman, tamaño 12 y las respuestas deben estar escritas enumeradas hacia abajo, exactamente como aparece en la tarea. NO escribir siguiendo las instrucciones anteriores, tendrá una penalidad en el valor total de la tarea. De tener dudas o preguntas debe publicarlas en el Foro Dudas y Preguntas con tiempo para poderles ayudar de forma oportuna.
Valor de la actividad


For this assignment, you are going to choose one of the topics that you will be

For this assignment, you are going to choose one of the topics that you will be writing about for your final paper and finish and submit that one. (see concepts all the way down below)
This will allow you to space out your writing so that you’re not doing everything at the last minute and to receive feedback before your final paper is due next week. You will receive a grade out of 50 for this assignment, BUT if you receive feedback and improve this “mini-paper” for your final version due in the last week of class, I will go back and change your grade for this assignment to 1/3 of your final paper if that will add points to this assignment. So the idea is to do your best on this assignment so that you can receive feedback and make sure that you are turning in the best final paper you can! You can choose any of your three topics to focus on for this week. The instructions for this mini-paper will be a condensed version of the final paper:
Compose a 300 word “mini-paper” describing in detail what this concept/virtue/practice is (you will need to do additional research on your topic) and then explain why you think that this concept/virtue/practice would benefit American society. To do this, you could answer the following (but you do NOT need to answer ALL of them) questions about your topic:
What are the origins of this concept/practice?
Is it mentioned in any of the sacred texts of this tradition?
How is this concept/practice lived out?
What is this concept/practice supposed to accomplish?
How do members of this tradition incorporate this practice/concept into their lives?
Are there particular times during one’s life or during the year when this concept/practice is more important than at other times?
Do members of this religion struggle to incorporate this practice? Is it harder to do in modern culture?
Has the practice of this concept changed over the history of this tradition?
Are there any holidays that are particularly associated with this concept/practice?
You should also include a works cited list that has at least 2 sources formatted in proper MLA or APA format (you can consult a formatting website like Your paper should also include at least one in-text citation formatted correctly, with your quote in quotation marks followed by the author name (and page number if possible) in parentheses after the in-text citation, like this:
The Torii is an “entrance to sacred ground” where the Kami are believed to reside (Lopez 49). Possible Concepts/Practices/Values:
Religious syncretism
Enchanted world (belief in deities, spirits, ghosts, kami, etc)
5 Relationships
Ancestor veneration
Filial Piety
Yin and Yang
Following the Tao
Silent Sitting
Zen Buddhism
No-Self doctrine
The 4 Noble Truths
Any (or all) of the Bodhisattva Precepts
Tibetan Buddhism
Tibetan focus on death
Obedience to one’s guru
Tantric meditation and visualization
Any (or all) of the 6 Paramitas
5 Bodhisattva paths
Any of the 5 Vows of Jainism Pratikarmana
Jain fasting and/or diet
Sikh understanding of God
Sikh desire to overcome religious divisions
Belief in Kami
Shinto emphasis on cleanliness and beauty
Harae or misogi
Placement of Toriis/Jinja/Kamidana

Artificial Intelligence

Explain the Costs and Benefits of Implementing Green Computing One of the main d

Explain the Costs and Benefits of Implementing Green Computing
One of the main driving forces behind green computing is the potential savings in money, energy, and resources. However, these potential savings are sometimes hard to identify and track.
In this discussion, you will describe a case study of the practical implementation of green computing and examine both the costs and benefits of the implementation. A case study analyses a real-life situation where existing problems need to be solved or discussed. You can describe a real situation that you experienced or, if none, a real scenario from the literature.
please use Harvard referencing and include introduction and conclusion (600 – 700 wrords)


The Response need 300 words, no need for external sources, only internal reading

The Response need 300 words, no need for external sources, only internal reading ccan be used.
Instruction is just one paragraph, the two readings attached.
Thank you and please no plagiarism.